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We have a use case to send an item to a team of reviewers to give them an opportunity to review and comment on an issue and then record their concur/do not concur. Then after some period (say 5 days) send it along to the leadership for approval (even if they haven't finished their review).

Is there a way to insert a time delay after initiating a workflow to give them time to comment before sending the approval request?

Is there another approach I could use to accomplish this?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.




  • Phil E
    Phil E ✭✭✭✭
    edited 02/09/23

    I have done something similar, in a recently released ticket system (this is the 6th business day for it). I have a date a resolution is generated in a cell, and in another cell, used a formula to add 7 days. When this 7 day timeframe passes, the assigned tech gets a notification to move to the next stage in the process. We just started getting our notifications on the released platform yesterday, and it's functioning perfectly.

    Edit: This is done with two workflows. One to add the generated date. A second to send notification when calculated date is reached.

  • Hudson_TMR

    Interesting, did not realize that there was a send notification function. Will investigate. Thanks for the quick reply.


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