At Risk Flag Marked triggers automatic sorting.


My team shares a sheet that uses At Risk Flags that we have to move manually up and down on the sheet when the flags are clicked to indicate the work order is at risk.

Is there a way that we can trigger an automation so that when a flag is marked At Risk the Row automatically would get moved to the top of the sheet?


  • Stefan
    Stefan ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @PB SIGN GUY,

    I'm afraid, besides moving/copying a row to another sheet, I do not know of any function to move a row up or down, or trigger sorting of rows.

    But, if you want to anyway move at risk rows to the top of the sheet, why not set the sheet to be sorted by risk status? Whenever a row is set to be at risk, you save it, reload the sheet and it will be at the top.

    Another idea. Instead of doing all the work in one sheet, you could use a report (let's say named "at risk") filtering and sorting the content of your main sheet in a way that at risk is always on the top, no matter where the row sits in your main sheet.

    Hope this helps!


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