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I currently have this formula set up to count any dates for each year based on my start date. My issue is it is selecting the parent rows and duplicating the number of dates, so I added a checkbox helper column only selecting the rows I need. Still, I am having difficulty figuring out how to add this piece to my formula.

=COUNTIFS({Start Date}, AND(@cell >= DATE(2023, 1, 1), @cell <= DATE(2023, 12, 31)))

My helper column looks like this:

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  • DKazatsky
    DKazatsky ✭✭✭
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    Hi @pturnbull

    You shouldn't need to use AND with a COUNTIFS. Try something like this (untested):

    =COUNTIFS({Start Date}, >= DATE(2023, 1, 1), {Start Date}, <= DATE(2023, 12, 31), [Helper],1)

    Also, is {Start Date} a cross sheet reference? If not, it should be [Start Date].

    Hope this helps,



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