Highlight every 3rd Row in Smartsheet

I'm working on a project where every 3rd visit a report is due. I was wondering if it's possible to format my table so that once the 3rd row is added, the row is highlighted.


  • Devin Lee
    Devin Lee ✭✭✭✭✭

    I would make a column that counts upwards (this could be counting project names or just simply be going up) and then have another column that checks if the number is an integer which is divisible by three. From there you can use the conditional formatting to highlight rows that are true.

    =IF(Count@row / 3 = INT(Count@row / 3), "Yes", "No")

  • Hi @mpabon,

    One way to achieve the result is to create two control columns to identify every third row.

    First create or assign a column the Auto number function through column properties.

    Next apply the following formula to another column: =MOD(COUNT(Autonumber$1:Autonumber@row), 3)

    In my example I've named the Auto Number column "Autonumber", you can assign any name to the column just make sure that value matches in the formula.

    You can now create a conditional formatting rule for each row where the formula column has a value of zero. Just note that the auto number column does not update until you save the sheet.

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