Hi I would like to say:

if the completed date is greater than the end date put "overdue" in the column

If completed date is empty and it is after the end date put "overdue"

If the end date is empty leave empty

This is not working

=IF(OR(AND(ISBLANK([Completed Date]@row), TODAY() > [END]@row), [Completed Date]@row > [END]@row), "OVERDUE", " ") + IF(AND([END]@row <>, ""))

And this works on some of my sheets but randomly leaves OVERDUE on three rows that are empty. yet the rows below it are also empty and they are not OVERDUE

=IF(OR(AND(ISBLANK([Completed Date]@row), TODAY() > [RQ END]@row), [Completed Date]@row > [END]@row), "OVERDUE", " ") + IF([END]@row = "", "")

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance



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