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A formula I thought I had locked down is no longer working and I'm out of ideas to resolve. Results are coming up as "0" when I use the following formula:

=SUMIFS([Requested Amount]:[Requested Amount], [Region]:[Region], "Region A", [Region]:[Region], "Region B", [Region]:[Region], "Region C")

Column #1 "Requested Amount" includes the $ amount being requested

Column #2 "Region" includes a drop down menu of 14 regions

I'm looking for a SUMIFS formula that pulls that total amount requested from the "Requested Amount" for 'Region A', 'Region B', and/or 'Region C' under the "Region" column.

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  • Jeff Reisman
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    The COUNTIFS and SUMIFS formulas have an implied "AND" in the criteria. They will only count rows where all criteria are true, unless you give it more options for what could be true by using the OR function.

    =SUMIFS([Requested Amount]:[Requested Amount], [Region]:[Region], OR(@cell = "Region A", @cell = "Region B", @cell = "Region C"))

    English: Add up the Requested Amount values where Region equals Region A, or Region B, or Region C.


    Jeff Reisman

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