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Hi Does anyone else experience a very slow response from Smartsheet?


  • Doesnt matter what you are trying to do, it just hangs!!


  • Faye Rhodes

    I've been finding Smartsheet having a delay when trying to most actions for the last two or three weeks.

    Even when just scrolling down a sheet.

  • Shaine Greenwood

    Hi all—

    There currently isn't a systemwide issue with any Smartsheet features. You're welcome to check the Status page periodically if you find performance issues when using the app: https://status.smartsheet.com/

    If you're experiencing slowness, there are a few possible causes:

    1. Your Machine: As a browser based web app, Smartsheet is more demanding on a computer than you might think. Try closing down some applications to free up memory for Smartsheet to roam. You also might try using a different browser—Smartsheet is tested to perform best on the latest version of Google Chrome.

    2. Network connection: Your network connection might be unable to support the bandwidth that Smartsheet needs. Even if you're able to load other websites in a speedy manner, Smartsheet is a web application, meaning it needs a lot more speed and space to connect. Try closing other browser tabs, and maybe closing down your email client or anything else that might need an internet connection to see if there's improvements.

      Otherwise, try using a different network connection altogether.

    3. Large sheets and advanced usage: If you're using a lot of conditional formatting rules, formulas, or your sheet is getting large, then you'll experience performance issues. The best solutions for this are to reduce the amount of data you change between saves (save more often) and to break your sheet up into smaller logical volumes of multiple sheets. You may also experience delays if you're reporting and your report is aggregating data from dozens of sheets. Try refining your criteria or possibly using multiple reports to get the data you need.

    If the above doesn't help, contact our Support team for further assistance.

  • CanadaJim

    My 2 cents:

    Edge browser is VERY slow on SmartSheets.  I moved to Chrome and it is way better.  I'm sure other browsers would improve things too.  So if you're using Microsoft Edge, switch browsers.



  • Dan Davis

    I am a victim of Shaine"s point #3.  I have changed our use to break up our sheets by fiscal year, starting a new sheet at the first of each new fiscal year.  Our fiscal year ends on June 30, so this time of the year things get pretty slow.  Starting fresh with new sheets on July 1 gets back to normal speed.  It works for us, keeping that much multi-year data on a single sheet is just too much anyways and it gives me an opportunity to archive sheets after data is reconciled.  As far as reports, I can still pull data from prior year sheets.

  • Shaine Greenwood


    We're always working on ways to make Smartsheet more stable and offer larger sheet capacity while staying within modern browser limitations—but it's an uphill battle. frown


    I'm glad you were able to able to find a great solution that appears to be more scaleable in the long run!


  • OAP
    edited 07/24/17

    Smartsheet is VERY slow - Especially if you use Formulas - we had a sheet built for us using several Paid For design desk sessions by Smartsheet and when we tried to use it the sheet ground to a halt

    We were told that it was a Browser issue - too many formulas for the browser

    Rebuilt it in Google Sheets and no issues - works very smoothly so the issue appears to be with Smartsheet

    BTW they have refused to refund the design desk sessions used to have the sheet built

    Hundreds of $$$ down the drain 


    It also appears to be slow periodically on different computers with different browsers


    - we never experience those issues with other software especially sheet systems like Excel and Google Sheets


    - seems like there is some kind of known issue with smartsheet that they dont want to talk about??

  • Brad Jones
    Brad Jones ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    edited 02/15/18

    Smartsheet pushes a large amount of the work of the sheet off to the browser itself.  So, things like processing formulas, conditional formatting, and other things is handled by the browser instead of their servers.  This is why it works better for some browsers and less well for others.  (I am paraphrasing here, because I don't know the proper tech-lingo to describe how this happens)

    I wonder if having a desktop version of the program could somehow speed things up?  If there were an installable software on your machine that could speak exactly the same language as the web-source - maybe we could get past this performance issue and keep all of our nifty in-sheet features enabled.

  • Marcin P

    Hi all!

    I have the same problem since few days, but a little bit different. I've got one sheet which is loaded by 25 collaborators via web-forms. My sheet has 4 columns with formulas such as 

    =IF([data]1 = TODAY(); 1; 0) 

    =[ending data]1 - TODAY()

    =IF(X1 >= 0; X1; "")

    and the largest one: =COUNTIFS([columnx]:[columnx]; [columnx]1; [trigger today]:[trigger today]; 1)

    ...nothing special, I think...

    I had no problems with delays at all, but two days ago users started to report problems with delays in web-forms. When they open link with form it is loading within a blink of an eye, but when they enter data (simple code with maybe 20 characters) and push submit button, system is trying to send what they entered for about 2 minutes and then sometimes this information goes through, but very often they receive a notification, like: your submission is being processed, etc...

    Is there any influence of sheet's complexity that can slow down forms' feedback?

    Yet, my sheet has less than 3500 rows in total.

    Please help, because the whole project rely on the truth of the data that collaborators enters into sheet. If anything of their information will be missed, then i can close it.

    Best regards



  • LFHB



    I have the same problem with even small projects with a couple hundred lines, it is not possible to use this in conference rooms, it is just embarrassing.



  • Ron New York

    Smart Sheet is very SLOW.  Thursday, June 6th, all was good.  Friday, June 7th, cannot use.  Tried Chrome, Edge, Firefox, all browsers have issues.  No issues accessing any other website with any of the browsers.

    Anyone else having issues? 

  • ChuckS
    ChuckS ✭✭

    We are experiencing slowdowns especially on form entries since Monday June 10th. We have tried multiple browsers but all have the same issues of a 5 to 15 second delay before we can either see the text entered or move to the next item.

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