Rollup Sheet vs Report Counts Don't Match


Hi there, I have a rollup sheet with a formula to count names based on specific criteria. I need to count items that are not decommissioned, development, stating, test, Linux, numbers 7, 2003, 2008. Unfortunately, the formula does not work. To validate, I created a report filtering the same parameters. The counts between the rollup sheet and the report don't match. The reports shows 10 items which is correct. The rollup sheet shows only 3 items. Any help with the formula will be appreciated.

The formula is as follows; =COUNTIFS({Date}, ISDATE(@cell), {Name}, @cell <> "Unknown", {Environment}, OR(@cell <> "Decommissioned", @cell <> "Development", @cell <> "Staging", @cell <> "Test"), {OS}, @cell <>"Linux", {OSVersion}, OR(@cell <> 7, @cell <> 2003, @cell <> 2008), {Powerstate}, @cell <> "Off", {Cluster}, @cell <> "Test")

The source file is linked below:

The report is linked below:

The rollup sheet is linked below:

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