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I am in the process of learning SmartSheet and translating a simple access database into SmartSheet. So please excuse my ignorance.

I am using some forms to update data in a sheet. I would like to add a search field to a form so that the user can open the form and call up the data from one of the Sheet's rows.

Of course the person could open the main sheet and use search to find the person, but I like the ability of a form to limit the columns shown to the user, especially when the sheet is huge and the sheet shows lots of different data.

I have considered using a report to do this, because I can control what to show the person doing the updating. But the report is not optimal since It would still force me to show the user a longer list of names than I would prefer.

I suspect that this is not available, but it would be a nice addition to smart sheet.


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    @Jeff Kline,

    You are correct, this is not currently available. To avoid asking the user to open the report & the form you can combine the two in a dashboard as an interim fix until dynamic fields and look ups are added to Smartsheet Forms (hopefully in the near future).


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