Trying to calculate a % for where a particular column is filled in. We have various blanks (lining up with headings) that I need to involve in the calculation. Here's my formula:

=ROUND((COUNTIF([Common Control - Client Comments]:[Common Control - Client Comments],<>"")-COUNTIF([Ctrl odr]:[Ctrl odr],""))/COUNTIF([Ctrl odr]:[Ctrl odr],<>"")*100,2)&"% Complete"

So I am trying to find out how many lines in the [Common Control - Client Comments] have something in them and then subtract heading rows (using the [Ctrl odr] column to identify those) and then divide result of that by the non blank rows in [Ctrl odr] column and turn it into a percentage with 2 decimal places.

All I get is #unparseable.

I have also tried using isblank and not(isblank). Same result.

The answer is probably staring me in the face but I am currently blind to it.

BTW I did check the column names are correct.

Thanks in advance




  • AaronO
    AaronO ✭✭✭

    Two things:

    1) There's a <> missing in the second numerator term - COUNTIF([Ctrl odr]:[Ctrl odr],"") should be COUNTIF([Ctrl odr]:[Ctrl odr],<>"")

    2) join the value and the "% Complete" with + instead of &

    This works for me:

    =ROUND((COUNTIF([Common Control - Client Comments]:[Common Control - Client Comments], <>"") - COUNTIF([Ctrl odr]:[Ctrl odr], <>"")) / COUNTIF([Ctrl odr]:[Ctrl odr], <>"") * 100, 2) + "% Complete"

    But it doesn't give "two decimal places" since you're multiplying by 100. But I think this is what you mean.

    Good luck!


  • Ian Macintosh

    Awesome, thanks :-)

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