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Hello community,

I am curious how many community members are currently working remote, in the office, or some sort of hybrid, and also know what type of industry they are working in.

I work in local government, which is a sector that *tends* to be less innovative and forward thinking than private business, but to be fair this is not always the case in every state and/or city. That being said, our department head has very recently allows us to begin working a hybrid schedule.

As a Business Systems Analyst, I may need to provide support to 11 different departments throughout the city (Police, Fire, Parks & Rec, etc.) in any given week. Working remotely allows me to save a ton of time (and fuel) commuting across town from department to department. We know that obviously not every issue can be resolved remotely, and when that's the case we will obviously facilitate in person meetings.

I would also say that if the project is particularly CREATIVE in nature (ex. new software implementation), I typically advocate for these meetings to be held in person versus remote. I've found this encourages more connection and collaboration from everyone in the room. On the other hand, if the other more routine day-to-day tasks can be done remotely, allow employees the flexibility to complete those assignments remotely if it works better for them.

Would love to hear others thoughts.



  • Ken Armstrong
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    I work 100% remote in my job. I had to adjust from in office 100% to remote and I will say that once everyone gets use to the Idea and utilizes technology like Teams or Zoom you can eliminate in person all together. You might be thinking it would be hard to map projects remotely but with the use of Microsoft white board or Lucid Chart this can be handled. Honestly productivity went up on my end after the switch due to the lack of in office distractions like employees just walking in and distracting me. My family had to adjust as well and I had to put a meeting light up to ensure no interruptions.

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