Harvey Ball Formula Tweak Needed

Matthew Bertucci
Matthew Bertucci ✭✭✭✭
edited 03/06/23 in Formulas and Functions

DISREGARD-I think I have it figured out (for now)...

I'm struggling with getting this formula to work correctly. I must have something reversed. Respectfully, requesting help. I’m over my head with this one.

=IF([Identified as Optimization Project]@row = 0, "Not REO", IF([Overall Project Status]@row = "Red", "Not Approved", IF([Overall Project Status]@row = "Black", "Completed", IF([Overall Project Status]@row = "Green", "Green", IF([Gate 2 (Review)]@row = 1, "Green", IF(AND(OR([Today's Date]@row < [Project Start Date]@row, ISDATE([Gate 2 (Review) End Date]@row), [Today's Date]@row < [Gate 2 (Review) End Date]@row - 5)), "Blue", IF(AND([Today's Date]@row >= [Gate 2 (Review) End Date]@row - 5, [Today's Date]@row <= [Gate 2 (Review) End Date]@row), "Yellow", IF([Today's Date]@row > [Gate 2 (Review) End Date]@row, "Red")))))))) 

The Gate 2 (Review) Status-should be yellow as we are within 5 days of the Gate (Review) End Date & the Gate 2 (Review) box is not checked. 

The Gate 3-5 Harvey Balls should be Blue not Yellow. The Overall Gate Health is accurate as being Yellow (since at least one ball is yellow).

 I can’t figure out what needs to be changed in the last part of the formula. I must have something reversed in the order of operations? Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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