Intro to sharkasits

sharkasits ✭✭✭✭✭

I work for a large telecom company in the Environmental, Social & Governance team as a member of the Data Governance team. I'm currently based out of Alpharetta, GA, but will hopefully moving back to the Philadelphia area soon. I started using Smartsheet in August 2022 and mostly use it as a workflow management tool to capture our data input, certifications and validations done by various teams. I've mostly worked in the sheets, reports, dashboards and WorkApps, but I am also starting to dive into the API to help automate more pieces of our process. I have a background in data analytics, so I love putting together more complex formulas to get the results I want.

I'm always willing to help out anyone struggling to understand how to put together the different functions to get the results you are looking for!