Is it a workflow? Formula? What will work?


I have tried workflows but they are specific to a certain date or a change in field. I would like Smartsheets to automatically run (without a change to a field) and update the field based on a count of days prior to a set date in another field.

Field A is a drop down list. The user is adjusting this field throughout the project. I would like to have field get automatically updated based on x days from a specific date in a date field.

Status is "not started" in field A to begin with.

Due date is 8/1/2023 in field B which is entered manually at the beginning of a project (this is just an example).

Today's date reaches 6/1/2023 or x days our from field B, field A is updated to initiated from not started.

There is no change made to any fields. There is simply a count in days being met. Is there a workflow for that or does a field have to be updated?


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