Need help with CountIF formula referencing two columns on another sheet with an OR statement

jackkelley ✭✭✭
edited 03/10/23 in Formulas and Functions

Current attempt:

=COUNTIFS({Sheet Name - Standard}, CONTAINS("UM", @cell), {Sheet Name - Annual}, OR("yes", "add"))

The gist is, another sheet, Sheet Name, has a column, Standard, and a column Annual, and for every Standard that is UM, we want to count if the Annual column contains "Yes" or "Add". There is a third option in the annual column "No" that is present along with Add at times, but is irrelevant to the count. Meaning if that cell has No and Add, we still want to count it.

Any help is appreciated, and it must be a formula, we looked into reports and were directed that is not what is desired.


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