Is there a way to search all sheets in a workspace to find a matching value?


I have multiple project plan sheets in a workspace which are each identifiable by a unique project number in a particular column of the sheet. In another sheet elsewhere, I want to create a formula which will search all of the project plans and find the one with a particular project number (eg PN123) then look up and return info from a cell (or cells) on that sheet. Is that possible? Thanks :)


  • Neil Egsgard
    Neil Egsgard ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited 03/11/23

    @Karen B , you could try:

    1. Creating a report (the report) containing all the data from all that you need.
    2. Use DataMesh to load the report data into a grid (the report grid).
    3. Do an index-match on the report grid to get the info or use another DataMesh to pull from the report grid to the final location.


  • Karen B
    Karen B ✭✭
    edited 03/13/23

    @Neil Egsgard Thank you for your reply. Sadly, I've just discovered we dont have DataMesh included in our plan. I wonder if there is another way? We have DataShuttle apparently but that is not something I've ever used, so I dont know if that would provide another option?

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