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Changes in column ...


hi there

1. is it possible (and how) to allow users to change values in a column of a sheet in a report. But i dont want to let them change other things in the data sheet behind. In best case they can't open the sheet because there may be columns which are not for their eyes.

I have different users with the same issue. They should change other values in the same sheet by using a different report.

2. they should be informed bei alarms when a other column is changed. Now I want them to open the sight/where thay can edit, not the data sheet behind. Possible to change the ink in the notification email?

Many thanks



  • Shaine Greenwood

    Hi Peter—

    You can add information to the body of your notifications and include the report's secure link. (Right-click on the report's name at the top and select Properties to find the secure link.) Notifications can only be made on sheets, so the source sheet's link will always be included.

    More on Notifications in our Help Center.

    Also, in order for people to see the same data as you in a report, you must share the source sheets with them. (More on reporting here.)

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