I'm hoping someone can help me with this.

I need to pull the latest date from the "Active - Time Stamp ON" column based on the DNIS being the same. Seeing the below screenshot, the first 5 rows have the same DNIS of 0012. So the date I need it to pull back is the latest date of 06/13/2022 (from row 5).

I have tried various versions of the MAX(COLLECT function but continue to get a value of blank. The "Active - Time Stamp ON" and "Max Date" columns are both date columns. I have changed the "Max Date" column to text/number to see if that helps but I get a 0.

Here's what I have used:

=MAX(COLLECT([Active - Time Stamp ON]:[Active - Time Stamp ON], DNIS:DNIS, DNIS@row))

I have even tried to be as explicit to put the "0012" to test but still get a blank.

=MAX(COLLECT([Active - Time Stamp ON]:[Active - Time Stamp ON], DNIS:DNIS, "0012"))

What am I doing wrong??

Thanks for any light you can shed on this.




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