How do I limit access to fields in a workflow update request?



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    You can limit it by locking the column/row or/and using the sharing permission.

    Read-only fields in update requests

    There may be some information you can't edit from the update request. You may be able to edit these cells directly in the sheet after you sign in to Smartsheet.

    The following fields will appear as read-only in an update request:

    • Fields with formulas
    • Start Dates and Finish Dates with a dependency 
      • You can edit the Duration field.
    • Predecessors 
      • This field won't appear in an update request.
    • Locked columns

    How locked rows and columns appear in request

    • If you're a recipient with Editor-level permissions or lower: Locked rows will still be in the update request. However, you won't be able to edit those rows. 
    • If you're the sheet Owner or a sheet Admin: You'll be able to edit locked rows from the update request.

    Would that work/help?

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