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My company uses Smartsheets and only a handful of folks know how to use it, even fewer know how to use it well. We've had two PMs come and go and there is only one real point of contact for complex questions, so I have taken it upon myself to go through smartsheet university and get some experience. I don't necessarily want my whole company to know about that yet, but I want to bring value to my team.

about me:

I have over twenty years of experience in Learning Management Systems Administration (local and SaaS), Instructional Design, and online course development using an understanding of learning styles and active teaching and learning techniques. My responsibilities include Faculty Development, Human Resources compliance training, course instructional planning and design blueprints, and experience converting traditional courses into appropriate online formats to assign content to available delivery methods to support desired learning outcomes using best practices. I earned a Master's Degree in Educational Technology in 2015 and continue to be a resource for multiple successful global leaders in Higher Education, Risk Management, and Pharmaceutical industries, and the United States Air Force, consulting in Distance Learning for the USAF Bare Base and Disaster Response Program.

I am 45, married, and I have two grandchildren, pictured with me below :)