Formula to look at a list of names and sum another column once per name

This is kinda confusing. But I've been working on a formula to look at a list of campaign names in one column and sum the number of ads in the 2nd column per team per week, but the team may work on one campaign more than once that week but it should only be counted as the proper number of ads for that campaign. So, for the example below showing week 9 for proofreading team, the correct number I want to return is 24 total ads worked.


  • J Tech
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    You could try:

    =SUMIFS({Project: Number of Ads}, {Campaign Name}, [Campaign Name]@row, {Service Provided}, [Service Provided]@row, {Week Number}, [Week Number]@row)


    J Tech

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    Thank you, but this is a basic sumifs formula, it will add all of them. It returns 52. I need it to sum only the first occurance of each campaign for each week, team and person if that makes any sense..... the number I'm looking for here is 24...

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