Conditional Formatting Issue

Hi all, one of my sheets is producing conditional formatting that I did not implement. It only is doing so for new blank rows and only in one column. I tried changing the color manually and also double checked my legit conditional formatting, my workflows, my document history, etc.-- but no luck.

This grid links to a very built out metrics sheet already so I really don't want to recreate it fresh and have to redo all those formulas.

Anyone have any good thoughts? I saw one discussion that someone had an issue like this before but with green. Is there a known issue I'm missing?



  • I don't know for certain but could it be following the formatting of previous rows? I know if there is a certain number of rows above it that follow the same format it will copy it.

  • Hi @Ricky Woodage , thanks for your reply! There is conditional formatting in the rows above, but it has never matched the conditional formatting that is showing up in the new blank rows at the bottom. For example, the conditional formatting in the rows above turn the row yellow when the Status is marked as Pending and then turns the row white when the Status is changed to Completed. But I never set up conditional formatting to make just one of the columns red in every new row- so there should not be any copy issues from above.


  • Fair enough. Only other thing I can think of is highlight changes is on and it's only highlighting the one cell for some reason but that normally defaults to yellow not red.