Concatenate Integer + Words?


I work in events. I group my tasks by how many months out the task is from the event date (1 month out, 2 months out, etc.). I'm wondering how I can create the `1 month out from event` in field using a formula.

I'm coming from the world of Airtable where I could calculate how many months a Due Date was from an Event Start Date by doing something like DATETIME_DIFF({Event Start Date}, {Due Date}, 'M') which would return the result of the equation in the number of months between the dates. I could then add on words to make it say 2 Months out from the Event. CONCATENATE(DATETIME_DIFF({Event Start Date}, {Due Date}, 'M'), " ", "months", " ", "before the event"). Then I would group by that field to lay out my project plan.

Is there a way to recreate this in Smartsheet? I know that the formula I used in Airtable is not available in Smartsheet, so I'm wondering if there's another way to handle.


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