Meet Katy Hall, our March Member Spotlight! 🎉

Alison Clancy
Alison Clancy Employee Admin
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Scream, shout, let it all out for our Member Spotlight this month, Community Champion @Katy H! Katy is such a special, shining presence in this space, and you'll see what I mean as you read on.

Katy lives in Los Angeles, California and is the Head of Product Management for ILLA Canna. As a startup, Katy was introduced to Smartsheet when she was looking for a way to streamline documentation and project management, ensuring company goals were achieved.

Not only did she accomplish this, but she also delivered strategic transformation, changing how her team stays on the pulse of things. "We use Smartsheet to manage many of our project improvements," Katy says. "A great example is our stage-gate product development. Smartsheet helps us make quick decisions to stay relevant and not fall behind on industry trends or new ideas."

When it comes to features, Katy loves formulas, as they help her power the rest of her favorite features, like notifications, metric sheets, or conditional formatting. "My favorite formula combination is INDEX(DISTINCT(COLLECT())) which I use to create 'self-building' metric sheets when working with dynamic data sheets," she explains.

Community is critical to Katy's success at work, and she credits the Smartsheet Community in particular with helping her learn the product. With her recent induction to the Community Champions, she now gets to pass that on to others.

When Katy isn't helping others or working at ILLA Canna, she's an avid tie dye and fiber artist! "It's a good counterbalance to my analytical brain," she says. "I do, however, use Smartsheet to track my process, inventory, customer design requests, and anything else I can think of! No matter what I'm doing, there is always a Smartsheet involved." You can find more about Katy's creations on Instagram @saltedoceandyes.


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