Formula Related Question


Hello, I have a sheet that has a column titled site status. For reporting purposes, I want to create a formula that totals the number of each status. I am going to use this data to add to my dashboard so that my users can see how many sites are completed, pending etc etc. I am not that great with formulas. Does anyone have any advice on a formula that might work. I have attached a screenshot of the sheet. I created a column called total pending and figured I would have to create the formula there, but I am not sure.


  • Austin Smith
    Austin Smith ✭✭✭✭✭

    Use Summary Data (little sheet icon with a tab over it on the right hand side of the sheet). Add a new field, make the fields:

    =countif([Site Status]:[Site Status], "Pending")

    =countif([Site Status]:[Site Status], "Started")

    The dashboard widget for metrics will ask at the top if you want to use grid data or sheet summary data - select the summary data option and it will pull the metrics you're looking for