Using SUMIFs on Calculated columns does not "add" up?

D.W. ✭✭✭✭
edited 03/23/23 in Formulas and Functions

I'm stuck - I am trying to use a SUMIFS on a calculated column, but it doesn't appear possible.

Example of my Smartsheet columns

I am determining the value in the "YEAR" column using a column formula:

IF([Date@row < DATE(2023, 1, 1), "2022", "2023").


I would like to do a SUMIFS based on the vendor AND the YEAR. I want to sum up the amounts by year and by vendor

My formula:

=SUMIFS(Amount:Amount, [Vendor]:[Vendor], "Alpha", [Year]:[Year], 2022)

I was expecting to see $150.50. However, I am getting $0.00.

Now, If I enter in the year directly (type in 2022 into the year column), I get the correct answer of $150.50 and everything works.

So....what can I do to make this work?


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