Is there a way to collect all comments in one cell?

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Hello everybody,

I have a workflow that creates a pdf after a series of approvals and collects the information of the line.

The problem is that the field "comments" is not available in document builder to drag and drop in the desired field of my fillable pdf, so as a workaround I wanted to create a new column that collects all the comments and then populate the comments in the pdf.


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    Here is a way to collect all comments in one cell

    1. Add the latest comment column to your sheet. (Sheet A)
    2. Create a workflow to copy a row to another sheet (Sheet B) when the latest comment column gets a new value.
    3. Using an ID of Sheet A and Sheet B, collect the relevant comments in the "new column that collects all the comments."

    A formula to collect the relevant comments using an ID of Sheet A and Sheet B

    • =JOIN(COLLECT({Comments}, {Row ID}, [Row ID]@row), CHAR(10))

    Please take a look at the demo DB in the following link.

  • Thibaut

    Hi @jmyzk_cloudsmart_jp,

    Thank for your help.

    I used the idea of the workflow and the addition of sheet B, I just modified the formula because with =JOIN(COLLECT({Comments}, {Row ID}, [Row ID]@row), CHAR(10)) I had a black cell as a result

    Here's how I fixed it if anyone finds the same issue :

    =JOIN(COLLECT({Comments}, {Row ID}, HAS([Row ID]@row),@cell)); " / ")

    Again thank you for your time, now I can print all the comment in my automatic pdf 🤘

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    I’m glad to help. (^-^)