Where is form stored? How can I get it on a Dashboard?

In one of those intro webinars I saw a video that linked a form to a dashboard. I can't figure out how the widget works though. All the rest I added seemed pretty simple.

I have a sheet that simply lists our compliance reports. I would like to create a simple form that users can fill out to add a new report. I was able to do that - but now I can't find where the form is saved to use it on the Dashboard. I tried to add it with a url but it just goes to the sheet, not the form.

I will say - although this is pretty cool software, I am having an awful time trying to learn it. I keep searching for information to learn but I ended up just posting here because 1) it takes too long with a case or 2) I can't find reference to it outside of here.

Basically I am apologizing for posting basic questions here over and over but I am kind of lost.

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