Looking for Nested IF formula support, unless that's the wrong formula set...

Looking to get specific terms to auto-populate the "Production Status" column, based on where the current Actual production line up is done to.

For example, if a date is entered (manually) for Capping Actual, then Production Status would say "Capped". If IVT/ Uncapped Actual had the last date it would say "IVT" for Production Status, etc. I can get the formula to work for ONE date, but not all strung together. I am working the formula from right to left, so I catch the most recent completion step (LNP is the next step AFTER Capping)... So I want LNP Actual, Capping Actual, IVT/ Uncapped Actual, LP Actual, Construct Actual then "Pending".

Above is what is in there, right now... I was thinking maybe it was failing because it needs an- if nothing do this...hence "Pending".


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