How to count number of projects in 2023 by current status


I created a Metrics sheet that feeds a dashboard last year that counted the status of a variety of items and it worked great when there was just one year. This year, I now need to only count the items that are for 2023. In the main sheet, I have a column that has the year in a string format (it's a formula =RIGHT([Planned Delivery]@row, 4)) where Planned Delivery is a picklist of MMM YYYY.

My Project tracking sheet

My Metrics sheet

My original formula that works for counting all the projects:

=COUNT(COLLECT({Project ID}, {Project Status}, $Label@row))

What I've tried:

=COUNTIFS(COLLECT({Project ID}, {BOW Year}, "2023", {Project Status}, $Label@row,)) Result is #UNPARSEABLE

=COUNTIF(COLLECT({Project ID}, {Project Status}, $Label@row), CONTAINS("2023", {BOW Year})) Result is 0

=COUNTIF(COLLECT({Project ID}, {Project Status}, $Label@row, {BOW Year}, "2023"), 1) Result is 0

Can someone please help me figure out what I need to do to update my metrics sheet to only include items flagged as 2023? Thanks!


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