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Stakeholder Management template

Hi there,

I found some Stakeholder templates I'd like to use:



When I click download the free template - it downloads an Excel file. In the file it has a button "Click here to create [template name] templates in SmartSheet".


All it does is open SmartSheet. No sheet is created.



  • I downloaded the STAKEHOLDER COMMUNICATIONS template and it loaded fine into Smartsheet.  The problem I am having is when I try to load any of the other templates it tells me it already exists and opens the STAKEHOLDER COMMUNICATIONS template backup.

  • I downloaded the Excel as instructed and then imported it manually as the button doesn't work. But as suspected - it didn't work.

    This looks to be a tool to get people signed up to SmartSheet. Looking at the template I can't see how SmartSheet will be able to replicate what I'm looking at in Excel. Multiple tabs to start with.

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