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Can someone help with my nested IF statement please.

I am trying to calculate a sum based on the entry in my TASK TYPE column and the value that sits in the TASK VALUE column. It's a simple (TASK TYPE x TASK VALUE) x %.

The % varies according to the TASK TYPE. Of the 8 variations of TASK TYPE, all except 3 are multiplied by 100%. I am trying to write a statement that details the 3 variations as value if true, and then ends with a value if false of *1.

Here is the formula I am using which is coming up with an error of #INVALID OPERATION. Any idea what I am doing wrong?

=IF([TASK TYPE]@row = "AAA", [TASK VALUE]@row * 0.5, IF([TASK TYPE]@row = "BBB", [TASK VALUE]@row * 0.35, IF([TASK TYPE]@row = "CCC", [TASK VALUE]@row * 0.5, *1)))

Thank you!

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