Only 1/2 of my formula is working


I am currently creating a Smartsheet to track payment issues. When a date has been inputted along with a status the future date generates to an additional column to display how long it will take for the payment issue to be resolved. However, only half of my formula is working and I cannot any problems in the formula which I have copy and pasted below. Can anyone advise?

Thank you so much😊

=IF(OR([AP Payment Status]@row = "Invalid Approver", [AP Payment Status]@row = "Reprocessed", [AP Payment Status]@row = "Invalid Coding"), [Date Flagged to AP]@row + 2, AND(OR([AP Payment Status]@row = "Payment Rejected", [AP Payment Status]@row = "Awaiting Approval"), [Date Flagged to AP]@row + 3, AND(OR([AP Payment Status]@row = "Payment Returned", [Date Flagged to AP]@row + 5))))


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