Formula Autofill not referencing proper cell



We have tried contacting support numerous times with no luck. Our business is dependent on this platform and we need to get this resolved. Hoping we can get some answers from the Smartsheet Community.

We have several sheets that have formulas that autofill based on various states. An issue we've seen lately is that when a user submits a new entry, the formula does not properly autofill. Sometimes not at all.

For example; our Meter 1 beginning number is automatically filled in by the previous entry, to keep our processes efficient. With a new entry, instead of referencing the row below the new entry, it maintains the cell reference from before and references data that is now 2 rows below. You can see from the screenshot here what the ideal reference looks like. Ideally, row 2's formula would always reference row 2, row 3 references row 3, and so on... Currently, the newly submitted row references the row that was previously modified. If that makes sense. Essentially, the formula is not properly auto-filled.

One observation: the auto-filled formula appears to be correct, but then somehow the system changes the row references and shifts it down one row. Not sure why or how this is happening.

This was not a problem in the past and has suddenly become a huge issue across all of our sheets and multiple formulas that are auto-filled.

Has anyone else had similar problems?

Thank you!

The photos attached: one shows an ideal setup where the row references are correct. The other is a capture of what happens before we manually adjust the formulas.


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