How to Build Nested ISBLANK or NOT ISBLANK Formula?

I want to build a row formula in the Itinerary helper column that evaluates a the series cells in 7 adjacent columns (Camping & Hiking thru Wilderness Medicine Classes).

For example: When the formula works - Itinerary Helper column on Wilderness Medicine row = Wilderness First Aid.

In this instance only 1 of the 7 cells in each row will have data in it. The data is generated through a form our customers are asked to complete. The form has logic in it so the customers will select 1 of 7 options and then pick an item from the a dropdown menu. Here is the form if that is helpful.

I've been experimenting if nested IF(ISBLANK and a few other ideas without success. If anyone has ideas on how to accomplish please let me know. I'm stumped.


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