Index/Match from multiple selction drop down, bring in selections to other sheet

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Hello, this has been asked a lot but I can't find a similar scenario.

I have a database with SKU, in the approvals column of the row each SKU has multiple approvals listed based on drop-down selections.

I have a change request sheet where changes against the SKU are requested. I need the change request sheet to index the approvals and match it to the SKU. When I set it up, it pulls in all the selections from the reference sheet into the change sheet as one string, but I need them to remain separated so I can generate reports from the change sheet.

As you can see below, the top screen shoot is what I m indexing and matching the SKU. When it pulls it into the sheet they become a string. So if I try to generate a report with a filter on the approval section it will not work. The filter does not see Gov A and Gove B separately, it sees them as one string "Gov A Gov B." And that doesn't work for me.

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