VLOOKUP - Need to add data from multiple sheets into one cell




How can I have the values of sheet 1 and sheet 2 go into 1 cell on sheet 3? I tried to just nest the same formula, as seen below:

=VLOOKUP([Week Number]@row, {Calculation Sheet - Sheet 1 Range 6}, 3), VLOOKUP([Week Number]@row, {Calculation Sheet - Sheet 2 Range 2}, 2)

Using the following formula successfully:

=VLOOKUP([Week Number]@row, {Calculation Sheet - Sheet 1 Range 6}, 3)

Result: 11

Total Sheets: 3

Sheet 1 value: 11

Sheet 2 value: 9

Master sheet: Total value in cell should be 20

Should I even use a VLOOKUP? Thank you in advance!

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