Sum Collect - not working on new blueprint sheets

Molly H
Molly H ✭✭
edited 04/14/23 in Formulas and Functions

I am trying to reference a source sheet on project specific sheets rolled up from a control center blue print. I am using Sum Collect to gather the sum of transactions based on Project number, cost code and category. The Sum Collect formula is working on some sheets, but not others.

=IF(Summary@row = 1, "", IF(Children@row <> 0, SUM(CHILDREN()), IFERROR(SUM(COLLECT({Small Projects | JTD Costs}, {Small Projects | Project No.}, [Project Number]@row, {Small Projects | Category No.}, [Category No.]@row, {Small Projects | Cost Code}, [Cost Code]@row)), "error")))

The project column is just showing $0.00 on each row even though the source sheet has transactions assigned to this project...

Any ideas on why some sheets reference the source sheet fine and others do not?


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