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Hi All,

=COUNTIFS({SGS NPI Tracker Range 1}, "Tooling", {SGS NPI Tracker Range 2}, "Not Started", {SGS NPI Tracker Range 4}, [Material #]@row)

This is not pulling in a count with the three criteria:


Not Started

And referring back to the Material # in the first column of the same sheet.

Any insight

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  • Paul M Kahl
    Paul M Kahl ✭✭✭✭
    Answer ✓

    If I'm reading this correct, you are counting Material numbers. If correct, the range to count needs to come first in the formula...

    =COUNTIFS({SGS NPI Tracker Range 4}, [Material #]@row, {SGS NPI Tracker Range 1}, "Tooling", {SGS NPI Tracker Range 2}, "Not Started")


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