Multiple Values in Cells Being Split Out into Columns

Safiya B
Safiya B ✭✭
edited 04/18/23 in Formulas and Functions


I have a sheet that allows one to select multiple values for strategic objectives for each project line.

Capture 1 shows the multiple values that they can select and Capture 2 shows the output that I want on the report (i.e. that one specific Project A can have more than one strategic objective)

In the report mode of creating this, I am uncertain what to select to obtain Capture 2 as the end result?

Please assist?



  • Lachlan Stead
    Lachlan Stead ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    This is an interesting one but if you want that exact output, you'll probably need to use a sheet and build a matrix with a specific formula per cell. Sorry, not much help... others may have ideas.

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