Copying Rows and their attachments work around

Michael Culley
Michael Culley ✭✭✭✭✭
edited 04/19/23 in Best Practice

Currently Smartsheet doesn't have the ability to copy rows including their attachments.

I've found a workaround that is much quicker than uploading all the attachments individually on other rows. This is especially useful if you have MANY rows that you need to copy including their attachments.

Save your sheet as a new sheet. On the new sheet, create an automation where whenever a row is changed, copy that row to your original sheet. Then you can just add a period or something to all the rows you need to copy. They will all move to your original sheet with the attachments. Drag those rows to where they need to go once on your original sheet.

This workaround saved me a ton of time. I hope this helps someone.