Identify Row with Most Recent Date for a Value with Fewer Cell References

I have a sheet that has reached the cell reference limit and won't allow other sheets to copy rows into it. After doing some research it seems that my column references (column:column) within my formulas are the problem.

My sheet contains a unique identifier in the column "ID", and there is a reported date column (we are pulling new reports every week and adding them to the sheet). We are then trying to identify whether a given row is the most recent row for that ID. My current formula is below. Is there a more efficient way to determine if a row is the most recent row for that ID that references less cells?

=IF(MAX(COLLECT([Reported Date]:[Reported Date], [Unique ID 1 (Lease Date + TCode)]:[Unique ID 1 (Lease Date + TCode)], [Unique ID 1 (Lease Date + TCode)]@row)) = [Reported Date]@row, "Yes", "No")


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