Formula for countdown symbols

I'm wanting to use the Empty Quarter...Full symbols to act as a clock for when a contract is about to end, but I'm having difficulty with the formula. Hoping someone can help.

I have 4 columns: Execution/Begin date, Contract End Date, Total Contract Time, and Days Until End Date.

Days until End Date is using the formula =NETWORKDAYS(TODAY(), [Contract End Date]@row)

Total Contract Time is using the formula =NETDAYS([Execution/ Begin date]@row, [Contract End Date]@row)

Both Date columns have to have a date manually added.

Would like to make it so Full is greater that 75%, 3/4 is between 75% and 50%, and so on until Empty is past the Contract end date. I haven't found a good example of a question asking this so I have no idea where to start as far as building the formula



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