Count Year and Month Only from Separate Smartsheet

Hi all!

New smartsheet user and learning formulas! I'm trying to count the number of jobs in a month per project type from a separate smartsheet (to eventually be turned into a graph). The date format in the original smartsheet or month/day/year. I just want to count the month + year. The Project Type is also in a separate column. So far, I can't even get the date/year count to work. I'm using the following formula for the count:

=COUNTIF({Request Tracker Range 1}; AND(IFERROR(MONTH(@cell); 0) = 1; IFERROR(YEAR(@cell); 0) = 2023))

Am I way off base?



  • James Keuning
    James Keuning ✭✭✭✭✭

    Here is how I would do this.

    (I am going to refer to your calculated results sheet as the "rollup" and the source sheet as "data.")

    First, create a helper column in your data sheet that takes your date and converts it to MMYYYY. You can hide this later. Call this HELPER.

    =VALUE(MONTH(DateField@row) + "" + YEAR(DateField@row))

    (we put the VALUE at the beginning so we keep the data consistent, it's often not needed)

    Then in your rollup sheet:

    Create the same sort of formula so that you get your month and year in the same format. Again, you can hide this.

    =VALUE(MONTH(DateField@row) + "" + YEAR(DateField@row))

    Call this column MMYYYY

    Then your formula in your rollup sheet is:


    {DATA.HELPER} points to the HELPER column in your data sheet

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