"IF" Checkbox function question.


I have several checkboxes in my SS. I would like each check box to represent a cost to be added to a "total cost" field. (i.e. if Checkbox 1 is checked, add $2,750, If Checkbox 2 is checked, add $3,750, etc.).

Can someone tell me how to accomplish this?

Thank you!


  • kirstie858
    kirstie858 ✭✭✭✭

    There's option one, which is baking in the values of the checkboxes into the formula itself:

    Formula: =Subtotal@row + SUM(IF(Tax@row = 1, 2750), IF([S&H]@row = 1, 3750), IF([Rush Charge]@row = 1, 5000))

    You could also treat the $ amounts as variables, and create them as fields in the Sheet Summary pane.

    That formula looks like this: =Subtotal@row + SUM(IF(Tax@row = 1, Tax#), IF([S&H]@row = 1, [S&H]#), IF([Rush Charge]@row = 1, [Rush Charge]#))

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