Insert row between WBS and append to WBS numbering convention


Is it possible to insert a row between a WBS structure and rather than the added row taking on the next available number I would like to append and additional decimal to the WBS so the order of tasks is not confusing.

For example in the screenshot below the WBS is working great, however when I want to insert a row between WS1.1.1 and WS1.1.2 it is numbered WS1.1.5 because that is the next available number in the sequence, however this could get confusing to the user as the steps need to be in sequential order without changing the original number or renumbering the whole list if something is inserted.

This is what the formulas look like in each column


  • Melissa Torrez
    Melissa Torrez ✭✭✭✭✭

    Is there a way to update the formula I have in the ID column or create another column with another IF statement that looks at Level column (not shown in snapshot above) and if the row is a level 3 it will then add a lower case letter to the end of the WBS such as WS1.1.1a if the row is inserted between row 2 (WS1.1.1) and row 3 (WS1.1.2)

  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Melissa Torrez

    The WBS template is already be set up to number tasks in the order they are in the sheet. The "Suffix" column (which is what determines the child ID value) uses MATCH() to get the order of the child rows. This means if tasks get reordered, the ID value will as well!

    To have tasks at level 3 use a letter instead of a number, you can add an IF statement to the Suffix column to use the regular MATCH() value for rows with a level < 3, and INDEX(MATCH()) to a column that would have the alpha values if the level was 3 or more:

    =IF(Level@row < 3, MATCH(UniqueID@row, COLLECT(UniqueID:UniqueID, [Parent ID]:[Parent ID], [Parent ID]@row), 0), INDEX([Level 3 value]:[Level 3 value], MATCH(UniqueID@row, COLLECT(UniqueID:UniqueID, [Parent ID]:[Parent ID], [Parent ID]@row), 0)))

    Here's an example... the Level 3 value would be a cross sheet reference but I kept it in the sheet for easier demonstration:



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