Linking forms directly to a column within a sheet

Hey there! Wondering if anyone has any experiences or knows if it is possible to link a completed form directly to a specific row/column within a sheet. For example, I distribute a form and it is completed by Sally and the completed form links directly to Sally's row within a specified column? Perhaps is automates a checked box for Sally? Thanks in advance =)


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    A "completed form" becomes a record in a sheet. You cannot link to a completed form. Let's designate the Form as Form A. If the form fills from Form A go to Sheet A, and you trying to link Sheet A to Sheet B, what purpose does Sheet B serve? Are you wanting to give the user the option of going back to Sheet A to edit their responses? If you're wanting to have a list of all the users that need to populate Form A on Sheet B, and have Sheet B return checkboxes when users have populated Form A, then I would use an Index(Match) on the user's name or email address. Please provide more info on what you're trying to accomplish.

  • Ok so I am a hospital-based nurse educator and we keep a "required education" tracking sheet that contains all of our nursing staff. This sheet is shared with leadership so that follow-up can occur when folks fail to complete required education. So...I have created a column for a specific piece of education........this education entails the nurse reviewing a document and leadership wants an acknowledgement "signed" that they reviewed and understand the education - this is where the "form" comes into play. Now I can "check the boxes" in the column as I receive the signed forms, but I thought if there was a way to link the form so that the box is automatically checked as the forms are submitted, that would make a little less work for me in the end.

    I hope that makes sense? Our organization is new-ish to Smartsheet and we are working to understand the full capabilities and how we can make our jobs easier. Tracking 180+ nurses as well as ancillary staff within the department is not a small task, so anything helps!

    Thanks for wanting to understand and trying to help Kirstie!

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    Hi @Shannon Noss

    Are you using a Smartsheet Form to gather that "signature" or some other form?

    If you're using a different type of form and are attaching it to the row as an attachment, then as long as there are no other attachments to upload, you could set up a workflow to automatically check the box when an attachment is added:

    Here's more information: Change the Value of a Cell in an Automated Workflow