Why is my SUMIFS formula saying incorrect argument?

I'm working on a metrics sheet to power a dashboard. I want to sum our effort values for each of our chemists and each of our project categories.

My ranges are:

{MasterLead} : Column listing chemist on project

{MasterEffort} : Column of effort values for each project

{MasterRDCat} : Column of project categories

I am trying to use the following formula:

=SUMIFS({MasterEffort}, {MasterLead}, =$Chemist@row, {MasterRDCat}, ="PMO")

From what I understand, this formula will sum effort values from {MasterEffort} where {MasterLead} is the chemist for the row and where {MasterRDCat} is PMO.

I am able to work with these ranges when using COUNTIF, but I'm having a lot of trouble using SUMIF. Thank you!


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