Trying to use JOIN, COLLECT, CONTAINS, in cross sheet formulas


I've reached a stalemate in my cross sheet formula and can't seem to get it to pull in all instances that I want it to.

I am attempting to look at two different sheets where either may contain the project number (TD Number), and have the corresponding BAR SME Engagement values returned.

=IF(HAS({WorkOrderID}, [TD Number]@row), JOIN(COLLECT({BLM BAR}, {WorkOrderID}, [TD Number]@row), ", "), IF(HAS({PL WorkOrderID}, [TD Number]@row), JOIN(COLLECT({PL BAR}, {PL WorkOrderID}, [TD Number]@row), ", ")))

I think I need to use CONTAINS, but have only been able to get HAS to work, but that only appears to work if the match is 1 to 1, as you can see in the bottom two rows. How can I make them populate and JOIN in the top row, which contains both of those project numbers?

Thank you in advance for any insight or advice!


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