How to pick just certain tasks, but still keeping the correct timeline?


Dear all,

I have a project plan that contains a number of tasks.

In this project plan is a column, called "Necessity". It's a checkbox.

Some tasks at the project plan are necessary, some are not, depending if the checkbox is checked or not, either.

Then the filter get's applied to this column of the checkbox.

The filter works fine.

BUT, and this is now the bother, - but the Gantt-Chart still shows the gap between the successor bar. That means for me as a project manager that I haven't gained any time by shortening the timeline.

For that reason I have the question: Is there a formula possible that might take into consideration to ignore un-necessary marked tasks?

The screen shots beneath these lines might help to understand what I mean.

My heartfelt thanks to everybody who might suggest a possible solution. Every comment or hint will be greatly appreciated!

Best regards

Hans P. ... from Germany

Picture #1: Before filtering

Picture #2: Filtered, according "Necessity" checkbox. But Task #6 does not connect to Task #3. So, no gain of time at the time schedule.

Picture #3: The green colored bar shows the desired result.

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